The Dream Engine - Credits

Many thanks to Jacqueline Dillon and the Rockman Philharmonic, The Jim Steinman Society for the Arts, for granting permission for the electronic publication of the Original Cast Recording.

The Dream Engine

- A Rock Odyssey

World Premiere April 1969 at Amherst College and Mount Holyoke College, USA

Directed by Barry Keating
Book, Music & Lyrics by Jim Steinman
Music Performed by Sundance

Musical Director: Marty Brody
Lighting Designer: Ric Steliga
Costume Designer: Patter Field
Musical Numbers Staged by Joanna Mendl, George Bentley & Barry Keating
Music Arranged & Performed by Jim Steinman & Sundance
Producer: Susan Richardson
Associate Producer: Robert Nathan
Assistant Director: Jon Alper
Set Design: Barry Keating
Stage Manager: David Hills
Master Electrician: David Burroughs
Lighting Assistants: David Burroughs, Jay Williams, Tom Hoadley & Jim Linford
Sound: Tom Looker and Earl Fortin
Set Construction: Alan Wilken
Costume Assistant: Candace Dennis
Buffalo Sculpture by Tom Horan
Dream Engine Sculpture by James Goodwin

The Cast:

Historian: Barry Keating
Baal: Jim Steinman
Max: Stephen Collins
Emily: Sarah Harris
The Girl: Ellen Parks
The Tribe:
Becca Stone,
Lynne Barbee,
Renee Yuen,
Melissa Herbert,
JoAnna Mendl,
Sandy Jaspen,
Tom McKitterick,
Larry Dilg,
Ben Harris,
Steve Stern,
Aurthur Wilkins,
Bob Yarchoan
and Michael McGrath
The City:
Richard McCombs,
Josh Posner,
Jim Miller,
Timothy Nater,
David Case,
Phil Barr,
Keith Miller,
and Alan Wilken


Guitar: Jeff Southworth
Guitar, Percussion: Chip Tucker
Fender Bass: Rick Weinhaus
Organ, Guitar: Tad Lipsky
Piano, Organ, Cello: Marty Brody
Drums: Craig McNeer